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We offer family friendly Kids karate classes, Youth karate classes and Adult karate classes in Christchurch.

Senshi no te Karate

Shizoku Martial Arts is a Christchurch karate club that uses proven street smart self defense techniques from around the globe. Combining techniques from Okinawa te Karate, Okinawa Budokan, Krav maga, Silat, Kali, Jujtsu and more to provide a system of effective techniques.

We believe in what works not what looks pretty

Too many Karate clubs and Martial Arts out there are consumed with techniques that while look really cool simply have little effective use in street application. What we do is focus on effective techniques that can be applied easily.

Self Defence for all

We can tailor our Self Defence and Non-Violent Breakaway workshops to suit your business, so get in touch and lets talk about what you need and how we can help to keep your staff safe. Call Chris on 021 823 857 now.

Why should you join our Karate club.

Shizoku Martial Arts karate club is a Family Martial Arts club, its right there in our name, Shizoku = family. Our Christchurch based Karate club runs classes for all ages from our “Karate for kids” Little Dragons kids karate classes through to our senior adults karate classes. If your goals are to learn ways to protect you and your loved ones in today’s world, to get fit and improve your strength and stamina and be amazed at what you can achieve then you have come to the right place.

We aim to run a learning environment that provides you with a safe and fun way to reduce stress, create balance, and build valuable life skills with our simple and proven karate classes for all ages.

See what people say….

5 star review  Fantastic Women's self defence class. Recommend them to anyone wanting to learn some techniques to save themselves.

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Why do Martial Arts & Karate?

There are many benefits to undertaking Martial Arts. We have captured just some of them below. We recommend everyone should learn at least the basics in their lifetime. You are never to old or to young.


During during real-life confrontation, the body undergoes a PCSR (Psycho Chemical Stress Response). When this occurs, the ability to access logical thoughts all but diminishes. Instead, under the conditions of PCSR, the human brain accesses what is referred to as the ‘Primal Brain’, which control instinctive behaviour. So what does this all mean? Unlike self-defence courses that show a person a set of logical defences against a potential attacker (none of which become instinctive) karate training sets out to develop appropriate ‘instinctive‘ habits in its participants. This gives them the ability to act accordingly under conditions of a PCSR. Sexual assault, criminal attacks, domestic violence and bullying are on the increase unfortunately and with a little bit of knowledge participants will be able to feel more confident and safer.

Fitness, Energy And Vitality

From a fitness perspective, the techniques practised during each class involve the use of every muscle and bone in the body making it an excellent all-over body workout. Involving the entire body also serves to develop balance, agility, coordination and flexibility. Many students who have never been good at regular sports often become highly competent in other sports after training in karate.

Classes can be as hard as you allow them to be. Students can ease off if they are not in peak shape, but an instructor will regularly promote that a person push themselves just outside their comfort zone before easing off. By constantly breaking pre-conceived mental and physical barriers, a student will learn the power of persistence and come to realise that whatever they set their sights on, they can achieve – a valuable skill for life.

Character development

A large part of any martial arts school will be dedicated to character development. This will be woven throughout the dojo and class instruction. Students will learn valuable life lessons that will serve them and those around them well in many aspects of their life outside the dojo. Especially for kids the notion of discipline, control and morale fibre are something we here firmly believe in.

We offer Non-Violent Breakaways and full Self Defence workshops that help your staff relieve stress, learn about observational and tactical awareness, how to avoid being a victim and useful self defence techniques that may just give them a chance in a sticky situation.

We can tailor our workshops to suit your business so get in touch and lets talk about what you need and how we can help.

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