About Us.

Shizoku Martial Arts uses proven street smart self defense techniques from around the globe teaching “Senshi no te“. Shizoku’s aim is to provide its students with easy to learn and effective martial art techniques that work outside the dojo. With over 20 years experience in various martial arts we believe in constant observation and exploration of self defense techniques and then practicing effective techniques.

Our lineage stems from a variety of influences and aligns itself with the Te Kempo Jujitsu Organisation principles . The predominant influence on the Senshi no te system comes from Okinawa te Organisation Karate as created by Shihan Gordon Doversola. The lineage can be traced back to the famous Kempo Jujutsu by Mitose who was Doversola’s direct teacher.

We strive to focus our techniques on the body mechanics and movements that the strikes actually place you and your opponent in and the next most efficient movement to move your opponent into the position you want them in.

What does Senshi no te mean?

Senshi no te is Japanese for “the hands of the warrior”. The predominant techniques are with your hands and you are becoming a true warrior in spirit and body when training.

What does Shizoku mean?

The word Shizoku comes from the Japanese warrior class, formerly called samurai. It represents a group of people like minded in cause that stand by each other. Much like a family.

What does the patch mean?

Our patch also has special meaning. The Phoenix represents the uniqueness of Shizoku and symbolises the Strength and Power that this system has and it is a system reborn from many influences.The Phoenix symbolises rebirth and an unforgettable icon of power, strength and renewal. It is one of the four celestial animals that form Yin and Yang bringing balance, duality, assertion and action. It provides strength and resilience. All key facets in your training.

The Japanese kanji between the wings of the Phoenix represents two words. “Senshi Shizoku”. Literal translation is “Warrior Family” representing that we are all part of a family now of warriors in life.

Shizoku Martial Arts in Christchurch

We hope you enjoy your training and we are privileged to be part of your martial arts journey.

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  What a great place to learn Shizoku. Sensei Chris has a wealth of knowledge and experience. His passion to share these shines through in his teaching. Fully recommend to any children or adults who want to learn some great techniques and to have fun doing it while building self confidence and belief.

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