Kids Self Defence

More than 80 kids are abducted every year in NZ. 80! In today’s scary world does your child know what to do if they are approached or grabbed by an adult. We provide Kids Self Defence workshops so that yours and our own children have a chance. Can they fight back? Can they avoid becoming one of the statistics? Get in touch now and talk to us about a Kids Self Defence workshop in your area. Workshops can be sponsored by local businesses and schools to make it Free for people.

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  Awesome place to train, definitely recommended for easy to learn and seriously effective martial art skills!

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Woman’s Self Defence

Women and teens self defence workshop. Come down and learn effective self defence techniques that could save your life. Bullying, Muggings, Domestic violence, Sexual Assault, Stabbings.… Do you know when and where they happen? You hear about any one of the above every day. Give yourself a chance.

No experience absolutely necessary. Our workshop is designed for first time students and is suitable for 13 years and over. Girls under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Topics covered:

  • How to make yourself a ‘hard target’.
  • How to break free from an attacker that grabs you without warning.
  • How to escape from underneath an attacker who is pinning you to the ground.
  • How to escape from dangerous encounters.
  • You learn the vital parts of the body – parts of the body that are vulnerable & easy to attack.
  • Learn how to defend yourself against slaps, punches, pushes & grabs.
  • Learn to defend yourself against headlock’s, hair grabbing, wrist grabs.
  • How to use your hands, legs, knees & elbows.
  • ……plus much more

Throughout New Zealand sexual assault, criminal attacks, domestic violence and bullying are on the increase unfortunately and with a little bit of knowledge participants will be able to feel more confident and safer at home, on the street and at their place of work.

Each of the techniques are easy to learn, easy to remember and easy to execute

At the Women’s Self Defence workshop, we do not teach you how to fight one on one with an attacker. The workshop teaches you how to avoid certain situations, how to protect yourself or a loved one should you find yourselves being attacked or assaulted. When the de-escalation has failed what next? We teach how to deal with the worst case scenario, there’s no obvious way to escape and it all turns physical.

Learn something to get yourself out of trouble in our 2 hour workshop teaching you ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. All you need to bring with you is a positive attitude, comfortable clothing, a drinks bottle and towel plus something to eat during the breaks. Please note that the workshop takes people out of their comfort zone and can be both physically and mentally demanding at times. Register now, call Chris on 021 823 857.

See what people say….

  Well done sensei Chris looks like things are looking and going well for u and your class.

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Women's Self Defence

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