Welcome to Shizoku Martial Arts Karate club

We offer family friendly Kids karate classes, Youth karate classes and Adult karate classes in Christchurch & North Canterbury.
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Little Dragons 5-7 years

Youth 8-12 years

Teen/Adults 13+ years


Little Dragons 5-7 years
Youth 8-12 years
Teen/Adults 13+ years


St Andrews College
Little Dragons 5-7 years


Little Dragons 5-7 years
Youth 8-12 years
Teen/Adults 13+ years

Parents of students who are training are welcome to train with their child in their childs class. But note that the training provided will be at the childs level.

#1 Most popular Kids Activity in Christchurch & Canterbury region for 2019 & 2020

2020/21 New Zealand Prestige Awards Martial Arts club of the Year

Shizoku Martial Arts karate club is a Family Martial Arts club, its right there in our name, Shizoku = family. Our aim is to Inspire people to be their best through life skill education and the martial arts in a family friendly fun environment.

Our Christchurch based Karate club runs classes for all ages from our “Karate for kids” Little Dragons kids karate classes through to our senior adults karate classes. If your goals are to learn ways to protect you and your loved ones in today’s world, to get fit and improve your strength and stamina and be amazed at what you can achieve then you have come to the right place.

Reduce stress, create balance, and build valuable life skills with our simple and proven kempo karate classes for all ages.

  • Learn valuable life skills such as confidence, focus, respect, goal setting, determination, failure, success
  • Learn Self Defence skills to last a lifetime
  • Get physically strongerTop 25 Most popular - Health 4 You
  • Get mentally stronger
  • Get Fit
  • Learn a Martial Art, Kempo Karate
  • Get a great workout for your fitness
  • Make new friends & have fun

So much more than just another martial arts club. Life skills, personal accountability and community spirit run through the core of this program.Chris is a great leader doing great things.

Matt James Avatar
Matt James

Why do Martial Arts & Karate?

There are many benefits to undertaking Martial Arts. We have captured just some of them below. We recommend everyone should learn at least the basics in their lifetime. You are never to old or to young.

Martial Arts for Kids and Adults

Shizoku Martial Arts is a Christchurch karate club that uses proven street smart self defense techniques from around the globe. Combining techniques from Okinawa te Karate, Okinawa Budokan, Krav maga, Silat, Kali, Jujtsu and more to provide a system of effective techniques.

Self Defence & Life Skills

Developing confidence, self discipline, focus and many more essential life skills are at the heart of what we teach. Martial Arts is so much more than just kicking and punching. Check out our Life skills program.

Fitness, Energy And Vitality

From a fitness perspective, the techniques practised during each class involve the use of every muscle and bone in the body making it an excellent all-over body workout. Involving the entire body also serves to develop balance, agility, coordination and flexibility.

Jake Askew AvatarJake Askew

Awesome place to train, definitely recommended for easy to learn and seriously effective martial art skills!

Kelly Watson AvatarKelly Watson

Lovei t! Our 5 year old absolutely loves coming along here... it has helped his confidence with meeting new friends... and of course his goal to become a ninja when he grows up! 🥷
We have been very impressed with Chris and how he runs the classes... definitely would recommend.

Sarah R AvatarSarah R

Absolutely fantastic! Sensei Chris is amazing with my son, very supportive and welcoming; This guy is an awesome role model! I want to acknowledge his 2 assistants Ethan & Amelia who are also wonderful welcoming and supportive to all of the children in the class. The best part of learning Karate through Shizoku Martial Arts is he is also teaching the kids self defense and how to deal with Bullying situations - Life lessons!It is wonderful to sit and watch your child thrive and love the experience, to be part of a special group who are becoming so confident with themselves. Amazing website with online tutorials available 24/7 for some extra training at home. The best Martial Arts club in Christchurch.

Martial Arts for all ages