Hi everyone,

Well it has been a busy few months. Lots of you have graded or are getting close to grading. Well done to everyone who has achieved the first step on their martial arts journey. Remember to keep practicing and use the website where you will find videos and a list of what you need for your next grading. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it on the website. If you have not got a login then please contact Sensei Chris and he will sort this out for you.

You may have seen some of the students wearing some stylish Shizoku hoodies lately. We only have a few left so if you would like one for you or your family members please let Sensei Chris or Paula know your sizes and we can see if we can get some more.

Wednesday nights growing fast

The club continues to expand with Wednesday night classes growing in size quickly. Don’t forget you can switch between Monday and Wednesday if you are unable to attend either class.

Tell us about your experience so far.

We want to know what you think of things so far. Help us to give you what you want by answering our short survey for us.

Click on this link and tell us what you think: http://goo.gl/forms/jNngJqYuRr

Staying in touch

Currently we are posting information about classes etc on our Facebook page. As we grow we will bring on other channels of communication. Like our Facebook page to stay in touch: www.facebook.com/senshishizoku . You never know you might find a picture or video of you training. :)

Some questions you have asked.

When is the first grading? Everyone always wants to know when they will get their next belt. As you progress through the ranks this can become longer and longer as their is more to learn. However you can expect to grade for your Yellow belt within about 3-4 months of beginning your training if you are attending regular classes. From there it is up to you.

It is important to remember that everyone learns at different rates and depending on how hard you practice your grading may take longer or less time than others. This is your journey and yours alone and it will happen at a pace which you set.

Don’t forget that practice make perfect.

Coming up…

As spring approaches we can start to think about outdoor training and some extra seminars on techniques or weapons. Stay tuned for updates on things coming up.


Sensei Chris
“Always use common sense before self defense – Osu”