Anxiety and the Martial Arts

Free yourself from anxiety with martial arts

Anxiety. It is a horrible sensation. Everyone experiences it at some point in their life to varying degrees.

Whether it is planning an event, preparing for a job interview or getting married, we all find ourselves on the edge of reason now and then. But what do you do if that feeling does not go away? That your children constantly experience stress? Martial arts can help.

Anxiety in Adults
Sometimes as adults we don’t realise the extent of our issues. You may be suffering from chronic anxiety and not even know it. A lot of the time, as adults we like to deflect and blame our stress on outside elements or that we are so busy we just haven’t had time to decompress.e This might be true but no matter how much relaxation you get you may find your stress levels remain high or jump back to a high level quickly when you are back to your normal routine.

Disorders that relate to anxiety can have not just emotional and mental effects but physical as well. Constant tiredness due to poor sleep patterns, twitching muscles, frequent colds, and illness are all sure-fire indicators that you are overstressed. When these symptoms drag on you need to seek medical advice.

Anxiety in your child
Anxiety can be hard to spot in children. They have not yet developed the tools or language to handle and describe the emotions they are experiencing.
Common symptoms in children of anxiety can be seen in poor impulse control, disruptive behaviour or dropping grades at school. It can easily be misinterpreted as shyness in kids. You want to encourage your child to express their feelings in healthy, productive ways and to try and communicate through pictures or play. One activity that works well for children suffering from chronic anxiety, just like adults, is martial arts.

How can it help?
Most martial arts practice involves a hefty amount of physical activity which is a great way for people of all ages to release pent-up energy and aggression. Chronic anxiety often manifests as panic attacks, aggression and/or breakdowns. Martial arts requires bursts of high energy which is great at dealing with lingering tension. The physical exertion, just like a good gym workout, encourages endorphin production, which is proven to directly improve brain function, moods, emotion control, and help promote sound sleep patterns.
While martial arts employ many physical benefits it is the psychological ones that provide the most benefit.

It does not matter the “style” or “system” you do, discipline, belief, and self-trust are going to be a huge focus. Martial Arts teaches people to work with their instincts and make confident decisions quickly. Applying this skill outside of the dojo in your day to day lives at work, school or at home tend to find the ability to not dwell on decisions helps them reduce their tension and stress.

Martial Arts can help with your anxiety

Healthy activities like martial arts can help chronically anxious children and adults in healthy productive ways. Whether it is being used just as a physical outlet for stress or also for the many mental benefits such as self-esteem, confidence, discipline, decision making, focus, courage and performing under pressure.

Anxiety is a horrible chronic disorder that has a massive impact in the lives of those it affects. Seek help and advice if you think you or your children are suffering from anxiety. It is better to ask for help sooner rather than have to overcome greater obstacles later.