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How to create your vision board – What do you want?

As we continue our discussion from classes on goal setting we move into the realm of vision boards. A vision board is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal of life. Understanding what you want to achieve and have happen, and being able to visualise it is extremely powerful. Without a target to […]

5 ways to improve your own or your child’s focus

Being able to concentrate and focus is one of the most important skills for anyone to learn. It relies on self-regulation and understanding how to be in the moment. Many studies say how well a child can navigate life depends on their ability to self-regulate. It determines their ability to use tools in their toolbox […]

Tips for Kata

Performing kata can be a nerve-racking experience. However, if you can maintain your composure and work your way through the kata carefully end to end you will find it a very rewarding activity. There are some key things to consider when doing your kata. Judges do not necessarily know the kata you are performing so […]

What we do – hidden in plain sight

It can be hard sometimes to figure out what is going on from the sidelines. It can be tricky to understand why an instructor is reacting a certain way to certain behaviour at times. Be assured there is method to the madness and reasons behind everything. You, as parents, are paying for your children to […]

Anxiety and the Martial Arts

Anxiety. It is a horrible sensation. Everyone experiences it at some point in their life to varying degrees. Whether it is planning an event, preparing for a job interview or getting married, we all find ourselves on the edge of reason now and then. But what do you do if that feeling does not go […]