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Grading Success

Gradings are always a nervous time. What if I forget something? What if I get it wrong? I can’t do it? Doubt can creep in. The thing to remember is that you are grading because you can do it! You do know it! Your instructors believe in you! Practice and Practice and Practice, the three […]

Karate – Kata and Self Defence

A great article regarding Karate, Kata and Self Defence from our friends over at Martial musings. Enjoy…   Excerpt: “There are a lot of opinions of whether Kata (or forms) and traditional martial arts are worth practicing…  particularly these days with the MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ and other combat sports taking the limelight. Many are in […]

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Well well what do you know, we made the NZ Herald and the Pegasus post. Our FREE community kids self defence classes have proved very popular with over 60 kids coming through our first three sessions. Parents and kids had a great time and were very satisfied with what they learnt and saw. We achieved […]

Self Defence smarts

First up, Self-defence is all about using your smarts — not your fists. The attacker, who is probably already on edge and hyped up on adrenaline — and usually something else — may become even more angry and violent if you try to defend yourself. Sometimes the best way to deal with any attack or […]

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Karate benefits for kids

In today’s world violence seems to be glorified in everything from music to video games. While if hollywood is to be believed Martial Arts brims with violence you would be surprised to find out that the opposite was true and martial arts training is very beneficial for kids. Below are ten reasons why you should […]

Here comes 2017…

…so what have you decided to do this year. What goals have you laid out before you? The infamous New Years resolution tradition of setting unattainable goals is upon us. So many of us simply set ourselves up to fail right from the beginning. Much like the karate curriculum, goals should be broken down into […]

Merry Christmas – What a year!!

  Wow the end of the year is here. We just want to say a big thank you to everyone of you. We have really enjoyed bringing Martial Arts to the community and being able to pass our knowledge on to you. It has been an amazing year for us, opening a new club, grading […]


To Kata or not to Kata?

Unfortunately, over the years I’ve noticed that many of those interested in karate in general don’t have a solid understanding of what kata is actually for and what it’s really intended to do. Therefore, their opinions about its worth are often stalled or go off in directions that lead nowhere productive. There are, in fact, a […]

Why move your head?

So, what’s the secret to great head movement? It has to do with understanding what good head movement is and how to do it. You’ll need to learn the different styles of head movement and how to train the skill. While you’re learning and practicing, you’re still going to get hit a lot. For the serious […]