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Tips to escape attacks

Whether you’re walking around on town or just strolling through your own neighbourhood you should know what to do if you suddenly find yourself in a threatening situation and need to escape. But what if you have never taken a self defence class. What do you do then. Well here are some handy pointers on what to […]

Mid year update

Hi everyone, Well it has been a busy few months. Lots of you have graded or are getting close to grading. Well done to everyone who has achieved the first step on their martial arts journey. Remember to keep practicing and use the website where you will find videos and a list of what you […]

Beat your stress levels into shape

Managing a large amount of stress has become the norm in our society. You often hear people talking about how many responsibilities they are balancing, and how many different balls they’re trying to juggle at the same time. But stress is very harmful to your health. It affects the way your body stores fat, your […]


Are self defense classes worth it?

Millions of people across the world take self-defense classes every week. But are they just wasting their time and money? Wouldn’t you rather spend this with your friends, family or go out on a date instead? And after all this sacrifice – does it even work? No-one can deny that there are a lot of […]


Martial arts is good for the mind, soul and especially the body for kids!

1 in 9 children (aged 2–14 years) are considered clinically obese in New Zealand. Learning healthy eating habits and engaging in enjoyable physical activities can counteract hereditary and metabolic tendencies. What causes childhood obesity? Learning healthy eating habits is the first key to a lifetime of physical wellbeing. The average teenager eats fat-and-calorie-laden fast food at […]

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Why kids need to learn Karate

There are a number of different things to look for when looking to study Martial Arts. Confidence: When you’re confident you can defend yourself and don’t come across as an easy target that most bullies look for. Also, if you have accomplished something a little difficult then you have confidence that you can move onto a […]