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Our mission is to inspire people to be their best through life skills education and martial arts in a family friendly environment, all while having some fun.

Little Dragons
5-7 years

8-12 years

13+ years


Parents of students who are training are welcome to train with their child in their childs class. But note that the training provided will be at the childs level.

#1 Most popular Kids Activity in Christchurch for 2019

#1 Most popular Kids Activity in Christchurch for 2019

  • Learn valuable life skills such as confidence, focus, respect, goal setting, determination, failure, success
  • Learn Self Defence skills to last a lifetime
  • Get physically strongerTop 25 Most popular - Health 4 You
  • Get mentally stronger
  • Get Fit
  • Learn a Martial Art, Kempo Karate
  • Get a great workout for your fitness
  • Make new friends & have fun

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Book your complimentary trial class and see why we are one of the fastest-growing clubs in Christchurch. Just because you live outside our region doesn’t mean you can’t experience our great classes.

Virtual Little Dragons
5-7 years

Virtual Youth/Adults Karate (8yrs+)

Great school - the kids love training here.

Danny Beckett Avatar
Danny Beckett

Absolutley amazing karate class, Chris is a great teacher, thank you !

Nicola Glassey Avatar
Nicola Glassey

Going to karate has had a massively positive impact on my 8 year old daughter and my 6 year old son. Sensei Chris focuses on key skills, like respect, that give the students self confidence and belief. My daughter has stood up to bullies based on the confidence that karate has given her.

Bex Roberts Avatar
Bex Roberts

Well done sensei Chris looks like things are looking and going well for u and your class.

Grant Kennewell Avatar
Grant Kennewell

What a great place to learn Shizoku. Sensei Chris has a wealth of knowledge and experience. His passion to share these shines through in his teaching. Fully recommend to any children or adults who want to learn some great techniques and to have fun doing it while building self confidence and belief.

Richard Anthony Cameron Avatar
Richard Anthony Cameron

Fantastic Women's self defence class. Recommend them to anyone wanting to learn some techniques to save themselves.

Tina Ledington Avatar
Tina Ledington

Love love love this dojo! Could not have picked a better dojo to join 🥰🥰 Sensei is awesome, down to earth and loves what he does. Very attentive and helpful to all students. Thanks for letting this crazy in your gym 🤣 OSU!

Annie Faith Mahe Avatar
Annie Faith Mahe

Hey Sensei,
I wanted to thank you for the life skills you give the kids, especially Jacob in your karate classes...
Today Jacob encountered his first bullying experience at school. He had several kids (smaller than him) around him that were slapping, punching and pushing him around because he told them he was going to tell the teacher after witnessing his friend being kicked by them.
Jacob remained calm, told me he stood in an 'osu stance', and pushed them away just enough to get away to a teacher. He didn't want to hurt them as he easily could have but did enough to protect himself.
I'm pretty confident that without his karate training, he wouldn't have had that self defense reaction and could have possibly been hurt but he's come away from it with a great deal of pride in his actions... Skills of which he got from your class ☺️☺️

Hayley Sutherland Avatar
Hayley Sutherland

We have been thoroughly been thrilled with Shizoku and Sensei Chris. The focus on discipline, self-defence and most importantly fun has positively impacted our son's behaviour at home, as well as at school. Sensei Chris is amazing and makes the class really fun. Highly recommended!

Roderick Petre Avatar
Roderick Petre

I toke my son to the opening night because he wanted to try it out because some of his friends were doing karate. He loves it and after watching him and how the classes were structure I have now join up and after my first class we both can't wait to go back.

Jahmi Sheehan Avatar
Jahmi Sheehan

Sensei Chris and Sensei Mike have created a great school of learning that has made learning martial arts accessable to everyone regardless of age and ability

They have developed their own unique style of teaching that is very effective , they listen to the students feedback and adapt accordingly - and are hugly patient for those that take a little longer to pick things up

reccommend SHIZOKU for anyone who wants to learn martial arts

Clive Reed Avatar
Clive Reed

I haven't done it but having trained under Chris in another style I know it will be great.

Doug Day Avatar
Doug Day

Still not sure?

Don’t listen to the ‘I can’t’ in your head

Listen to ’I can!’

Because he only thing holding you back for achieving anything you want is yourself and your own doubts.
Stop doubting and start trying and see what you can achieve.

I haven't done it but having trained under Chris in another style I know it will be great.

Doug Day Avatar
Doug Day