Gradings are always a nervous time. What if I forget something? What if I get it wrong? I can’t do it? Doubt can creep in. The thing to remember is that you are grading because you can do it! You do know it! Your instructors believe in you!

Practice and Practice and Practice, the three P’s. It shows.  On the big day, do your best and give it all, as this is what we look for. Getting to class and then to grading is half the battle. Finishing it is the rest. Be proud of what you have achieved when you are done. It is not easy and gradings are built to challenge you mentally as well as physically.

Today, we see some more great efforts from our students.

For the kids Amelia graded to her Orange tip, while Taine, Zakk, Jack and Angus all achieved their Yellow Belts. Obviously you have all been practicing hard.

For the adults a great display of effort and heart. A well deserved Yellow Belt for Angela, nailing those backwards rolls :) and for Orange Tips, Krista, Shane and Troy smashed it out.


Well done to everyone. Onwards to your next rank. Next grading is December. Train hard and you may be ready to do it all again.


Sensei Chris

A great article regarding Karate, Kata and Self Defence from our friends over at Martial musings. Enjoy…


Excerpt: “There are a lot of opinions of whether Kata (or forms) and traditional martial arts are worth practicing…  particularly these days with the MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ and other combat sports taking the limelight.

Many are in the camp of thinking that traditional martial arts training, and particularly Kata training (Kata = forms or patterns used in traditional martial arts) is a complete waste of time and training should be spent on more functional drills and sparring; while others feel Kata training is the “soul” of their art and perform their kata because it’s part of their heritage without a clear understanding of the meaning of the movements….