We all feel it. As we get older the responsibilities begin to mount up and the body does not move quite like it used to. The more we have to do at work, at home or for the family, the less time we have for ourselves. And what is it that usually suffers first? The amount of exercise we do, which all affect our mental, physical and emotional health.

Beginner martial arts for adults are an ideal sport for adults because it trains a person for self-defence while providing a full-body workout. It also serves to develop self-confidence and is an excellent form of stress release. Being an individual form of exercise, participants can work at their own pace, which is great for those who haven’t exercised in some time.

While self-defence courses may teach someone the basic skills for self-defence, all studies show conclusively that in self-defence situations a person is rarely able to access their conscious mind and instead relies purely on instinct. This is where karate becomes so valuable for self-defence.

The techniques practised in karate are not complicated and do not require physical strength. Those taught are simple and proven as effective, and practised each week until they become instinctive. Once this instinctive ability is reached, more techniques are added to one’s repertoire.

As the legs are stronger than the arms and possess more reach, students are taught various kicks that strike out to the front, side and rear.  Therefore students are also taught to effectively use their palms, backs of hands and elbows as weapons.

There are also numerous health benefits to taking up karate. Some of these include:

General Health
Exercise works the heart, which helps to prevent against cardiovascular disease, the most common cause of disease among middle-aged men. Exercise also helps to eliminate toxins via the lymph system (which prevents countless illnesses and diseases such as cancer etc). Adults who do more exercise also have a lowered risk of suffering from diabetes or joint problems as they age.

Weight Loss And Weight Maintenance
Our bodies were made to be active and move around a lot, however modern life has forced us to spend a lot of time sitting down. Adult bodies need to do more exercise because as they get older their metabolism slows down. So if you’re getting older you are at a higher risk of gaining weight. Adding regular exercise into your timetable is the best way to achieve weight loss and/or weight maintenance.

Stress Reduction
Exercise has many stress reducing properties. Adults who make time for exercise have more control over their body and mind, and can eliminate stress much more effectively, than adults who remain sedentary all the time. In terms of stress reduction, karate is one of the best forms of exercise as it addresses the mind and body.

Role Model
Adults are role models, especially for children. If parents want their children to be active and healthy all their life, they need to first set the example themselves. Staying active and doing exercise regularly will teach their children about the importance of exercise.

I have been attending for over 3 years and I’m still learning new skills and techniques. The club has a great atmosphere and is supportive of everyone and their development.
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Karyn Boyle