Shizoku Martial Arts Dojo Etiquette

In any karate dojo, one of the most important rules of etiquette is behaviour. Since by nature we all learn by trial and error, many things will be forgiven in a dojo, but bad behaviour is definitely not one of them. Starting with the “sensei” or “teacher” down through the “sempai’s” or “assistants” in the black belt ranks, and then finally through the “kyu” or coloured belt ranks, it is the responsibility of each student to make sure that those who follow in their footsteps, do so with the highest possible level of personal behaviour.

  1. Respect: As a student you are required to respect all other students and instructors and expect the same in return. Students should always bow showing respect when entering or leaving the dojo training area. talking back to instructors is strictly forbidden whether you think you are right or wrong.
  2. Etiquette: Bowing is part of this organisations tradition. It is not used to show any form of submission, rather the opposite, it is to show respect in which all students and instructors pay their respects towards each other and the history of the dojo they train in.
  3. Leadership: Senior belts must set the example for junior belts. 
  4. Awareness: Whenever a Sensei or high rank from any system enters our dojo the class will halt and acknowledge the instructor/guest by bowing. Always be aware of your surroundings.
  5. Knowledge: The knowledge you will gain as a student must never be taken lightly. It is lethal and extremely dangerous and may only be used in extreme cases whereby an innocent is being or may be harmed by offenders.
  6. Honor: Students are required to refrain from criticism, disruptive discussions and arguments when training, in class or representing this organisation as this brings dishonour and disgrace to not only yourself but also your instructors and dojo. Outside the dojo carry yourself with honor.
  7. Focus: All and any conversations near or inside the dojo must be kept at a whisper so as not to distract other students or instructors. While in class you must pay attention and focus so that you do not miss anything.
  8. Pride: No student or instructor may use foul, degrading, profane language while in uniform, in or near the dojo and or while representing this organisation. Your gi should always be presented clean and tidy.
  9. Safety: Students are required to keep their uniforms in good repair along with tidy finger and toe nails and may never wear any type of jewellery (including cultural items) as they may aid in inflicting unforeseen injuries.
  10. Listening: Shizoku Martial Arts is a proud and honourable martial arts system whose goals are to improve the quality of a life of it’s students. You must listen to those around you and your instructors at all times.