Terms you may hear

During your time training with us you may here some of the following terms or phrases from time to time. In case you forget what they mean or are just plain interested here is list.


Japanese Pronunciation English
ichi eech one
ni nee two
san san three
shi (yon) she four
go go five
roku roke six
shichi (nana) seech seven
hachi hach eight
ku koo nine
ju joo ten
go ju go joo fifty

Commands & phrases

Japanese Pronunciation English
hajime hah-jee-may begin
kawate kah-wah-tay on guard
mawatte mah-wah-tay turn around
rei ray bow with respect
sensei ni rei sen-say nee ray bow to the teacher
shugo shoo-go line up, gather together
yame yah-may stop
yoi yoy ready, attention

Japanese Words We Use

Japanese Pronunciation English
bunkai boon-keye application of kata techniques
bushido boo-she-doh the way of the warrior
dojo doe-joe place to learn the way
dogi (gi) doe-ghee  (ghee) karate uniform
osu oos yes I understand
kumite koo-meh-tay sparring
obi oh-bee belt
makiwara mah-kee-wah-rah striking board
seiza say-za formal sitting on knees
waza wah-zah technique