The following are a number of questions that new members most often ask.

What should I bring with me to class?
Things to remember are:

  • A drink (water or a sports drink).

What should I do or who should I see when I first enter the venue?
Its recommended that you arrive at your first class 20 minutes early. Your instructor (sensei) will be there to welcome you and they will take you, and any other beginners through a short introductory talk to get you ready for your first class. They will also be able to answer any questions or concerns you have about training.

What should I wear?
You can train in comfortable clothes suitable for exercise. It’s not compulsory for a student to purchase a karate uniform (known as a Gi) immediately.  But should you want to purchase one, uniforms can be ordered through your instructor.

How often can I train?
You can train as often as you like. The more you train the more you can learn and the greater enjoyment you will get from your Martial arts journey.While we don’t recommend that you over-exert yourself, like anything, the more you practise the quicker you develop and more benefits you receive.

Extra classes will be available at times for everyone and private lessons are always available. Just talk to your instructor.

I felt really sore after my first class?
Any time you exercise muscle groups that have not been exercised in some time you are going to experience muscle soreness. Muscle soreness the follow day or even following days is perfectly normal. You will find that the more you train, your muscles will condition themselves to the training and you will no longer experience this.

You can minimise muscle soreness by eating well and keeping your muscles well-hydrated, ideally by drinking plenty of water. Note that drinking sugary drinks such as cordials, soft drinks, juices, coffee or beer will actually dehydrate your muscles.

I was very slow to pick things up? 
Everyone will pick things up at their own pace. As with all things, practise is the name of the game. To speed up your coordination, practise at home. Visit this website and log into the member section and you will be able to click on the video links to various examples of what you need to learn. Carefully observe the techniques in action and train along to the video. Most of all, be patient with yourself. We all started where you are, it is practise that means we can now do these amazing movements you see.