Foot positions for the perfect stance

An important part of your training is to stand correctly. With the correct foot positions, your body will be balanced and be able to move quickly. Bonus point for a good stance is the ability to generate power easily as well.

With this in mind, let’s look at the common foot positions and what is wrong with them. You can then look at your stance and adjust it to maximise your movement and power.

Too Wide

With this foot position, you will lose a lot of your reach potential as you lose your height. You will find the right-hand cross hard to use and generate minimal ower as you will have less rotation opportunity in your hips.

Too Narrow

This position will cause you to over-commit due to lowered hip rotation opportunities. You will find moving quickly difficult and you will be vulnerable to left and right hooks. Left hooks are the second most punch used so being susceptible to them is not good.

Too Square

You are opening your body up as one big open target. You risk being easily pushed backwards or tripping over your feet as you retreat. Your reach for your jab will be greatly diminished and you are open for shots to the body.

Too Narrow

The body can be an open target and you might find yourself easily falling backwards. You will find your reach is less with the jab and you are open to body shots.


Strong, heels slightly raised.
Feet on the angle of 40-45 degrees.
This stance will generate a lot of power in your techniques. You will find your stability is strong as your weight should be evenly distributed across your legs.

So grab some electrical tap and mark a straight line on the floor. Assume your fighting stance and see where your feet are positioned. Adjust as you need to get the perfect stance.