Freestyle Martial Arts in Christchurch with SMA Karate

SMA Karate provides you with a freestyle martial arts system (FMAS) in Christchurch for all ages. Freestyle Martial Arts systems mean that we are open to influences and ideas from around the world and other systems.

This approach means that we can ensure the system is modern and comprehensive in its self-defence applications while yet maintaining its traditional foundational base stemming from Japanese and Chinese styles of kata. Influences from Okinawa te Karate, Kempo, Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Silat, Kickboxing and Arnis Escrima mean that if it works we use it. We like to think of it as an organic evolving martial art based in karate but open-minded to develop.

All fitness levels can be involved. You are encouraged to push yourself and progress at your own pace. It is your journey, no one else’s. A large focus of Shizoku Martial Arts Karate programs is around providing our students with skills for life and personal benefits such as:

  • Agility, Confidence, Fitness
  • Anxiety and Stress relief
  • Street smart self-defence
  • Moving and combinations of punching and kicking
  • Ground skills
  • Weapons – Yawara (Rattan) Sticks, Bo Staff, Sai, Nunchuks, Katana
  • Pad work and Partner drills
  • and most of all…..A Fun family-friendly environment

Our program is progressive with the complexity of drills and techniques gradually increasing leading to greater understanding and application. This flows through into weapon work with each weapon building on the foundation of the empty hand techniques and weapons that came before it.

Our Freestyle Martial Arts system provides you with a karate system for anyone that wants to learn martial arts, self-defence, fitness or simply improve one’s confidence and lead a healthier lifestyle.

We aim to provide you with a well-rounded methodology and martial art system in line with the Te Kempo Jiu Jitsu organisation that deals with a wide range of concepts relating to combat and self-defence awareness and protection. SMA Karate will provide you with a comprehensive and fulfilling physical and mental program that allows you to achieve your personal best.

What does Shizoku mean?

The word Shizoku comes from the Japanese warrior class, formerly called samurai. It represents a group of people like minded in cause that stand by each other. Much like a family.

What does the patch mean?

Our patch also has special meaning. The Phoenix represents the uniqueness of Shizoku and symbolises the Strength and Power that this system has and it is a system reborn from many influences.The Phoenix symbolises rebirth and an unforgettable icon of power, strength and renewal. It is one of the four celestial animals that form Yin and Yang bringing balance, duality, assertion and action. It provides strength and resilience. All key facets in your training.

The Japanese kanji between the wings of the Phoenix represents two words. “Senshi Shizoku”. Literal translation is “Warrior Family” representing that we are all part of a family now of warriors in life.

Shizoku Martial Arts in Christchurch

We hope you enjoy your training and we are privileged to be part of your martial arts journey.

Self Defence Workshop Really enjoyed it. Was a great and enjoyable experience with my work colleagues. Would definitely like to do again over time as refreshers. So glad I attended. Thank you.
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