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We get asked from time to time is their any special meaning to the different colored belts we all wear or are they just holding our pants up :). Well yes to both is the answer.

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Belt meanings

White belt (9th Kyu): A white belt symbolizes the birth of a new life. Or a new seed planted in the snow. It signifies the ability of the student for undertaking a new challenge in life in terms of acquiring karate skills.

Yellow tip & belt (8th & 7th Kyu): Yellow belt depicts the first rays of sunlight. It symbolizes the student’s mind, which is now more open to following instructions. 

Orange tip & belt (6th & 5th Kyu): The colour of the rising sun. Seeds in the ground begin to germinate and grow. Basic techniques begin to be built upon.

Purple belt (4th Kyu):A purple belt student is undergoing change as he advances in his studies and begins to set his sights on the black belt. The purple belt represents this change, symbolizing the sky changing color at dawn.

Blue belt (3rd Kyu): Blue belt signifies the tallness and expansion of the plant towards the blue sky. In a student, it showcases his depth in skillful knowledge and understanding.

Green belt (2nd Kyu): green belt symbolizes the penetrating roots and stems of the plant reaching towards the sun. It also indicates development of skills and techniques.

Brown belt (1st Kyu): a brown belt represent the maturity level in the student. It is symbolized as a plant, which has grown to a full bloom and ready to be harvested.

Black belt (Shodan ho): Black belt indicates the dark shadows behind the light of the sun. It indicates an indispensable treasure of knowledge and enlightenment within the student’s mind. This represents a mastery of the basics.