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The Formal Bow

These Three Hands represent the Katas of Senshi no te and come from the direct lineage to Mitose Kempo.

The Falling Leaf Kata Kigan (Praying Hands). Kigan Represents peace to avoid conflicts and use of Martial arts. This also represents the circular escapes of open hands. Also the open hands are used to strike bone (Skeletal Striking/Breaking)

The Bear Kata Kaishu (Open Hands). Kaishu Represents to look for the good in people. As you would see a mountain in the distance without flaws and imperfections. This also represents the folding arts/Grabbing as well as internal striking.

The Sword & Hammer Kata Hoken or Hiken (Covered Hands). Hiken Represents to hide your weapons avoid conflict. Scholar and the Warrior. Hammer fist to strike to muscular parts of the body. Total domination. Used in combination with circular as well as linear. It represents that the power of the mind will always overcome the power of the fist.

Ken – The fists down in front forming a diamond representing your strength and the richness in knowledge you are about to receive.

You Rei to show respect to those in front of you and the many past masters and teachers that have lead to the knowledge you are about to receive.