Senshi no te – The hands of the Warrior

Shizoku Martial Arts teaches a true mixed martial art – “Senshi no te“. What you are learning is a combination of techniques and applications from many systems that when combined give its students a well rounded complete street smart self defense system. A mixed martial art combative system.

Our lineage stems from a variety of influences and aligns itself with the Te Kempo Jiu jitsu Organisation principles of application with knowledge. The predominant influence on the Senshi no te system comes from Okinawa te Karate as created by Gordon Doversola. The lineage can be traced back to Kenpo Jujutsu by James Mitose who was Doversola’s direct teacher. Systems such as Kajukenbo, Ed Parkers’s Kempo, Okinawa te Budokan among some also trace their roots back to the same Mitose teachings. These systems among others influence is within Senshi no te.

With over 20 years martial arts training in various systems Senshi no te‘s creators incorporated other influences in either principles or techniques from around the globe to create a system that we feel provides its students all the tools they need to protect themselves and their loved ones in today’s world.

Senshi no te works on 5 key principles. These being:

Locking & Controlling
Take down

The reason for this combination is punching, striking and kicking are faster than locking, throwing or other combination of techniques. Punching, Striking and Kicking are therefore the best methods of self defense. In a fight, people should not use exhaustive techniques such as throwing or wrestling. This does not mean ground work and grappling does not have a place in Senshi no te and wider self defense but that we believe attacking an opponent’s vital areas with the fastest techniques gives you the best opportunity to escape. Locking should be used once an opponent is not dangerous.

Inside every kata for Senshi no te are different street defensive techniques (waza) that can be applied outside the kata itself. Look inside the techniques you learn to discover the hidden combinations and applications that are there.

We strive to focus our techniques on the body mechanics and movements that the strikes actually places you and your opponent in and the next most efficient movement to move your opponent into the position you want them in.

Shizoku Martial Arts gives you a complete martial art system in Senshi no te that incorporates proven self defense techniques and martial art applications and teachings.