Here comes 2017…

…so what have you decided to do this year. What goals have you laid out before you? The infamous New Years resolution tradition of setting unattainable goals is upon us. So many of us simply set ourselves up to fail right from the beginning. Much like the karate curriculum, goals should be broken down into smaller chunks which can be achieved and measured progress seen. Thus contributing to the motivation to complete the overarching goal you may have.

So for everyone I recommend reviewing those resolutions you have set. How realistic are they? If you broke them down into smaller goals how realistic are each of those goals? Take a good look and approach your 2017 year from a different viewpoint and look back at the end at everything you achieved.

Here’s a simple example: Lets say you want to do 50,000+ kicks this year. That’s a 1000 kicks each week. Whoa there! You say what. you are cra cra, as my kids say, a 1000 kicks no way!

But lets look again, 1000 kicks / 7 days is only 140ish kicks per day. 140 kicks / 2 legs is only 70 kicks per leg. Take your basic kick type of front kick, roundhouse, side kick, reverse side kick, outside crescent, inside crescent, hook kick and you have 7 kicks. So 10 kicks of each type on each leg every day makes 140 kicks a day. Say 2 secs per kick and some rounding gives us 5 mins total time each day to compete your daily goal. Boom you are doing 1000 a week without even breaking a sweat.

So then you can macro scale it up. 140 kicks a day takes 5 mins. Just 35 mins a week would see you do 50,000+ kicks this year. 50,000!!

Ask yourself, How good would your kicks be if you did a 1000 a week?

Take your goal and reverse engineer it, you will surprised with the results and what you could actually achieve. Making your New Years resolution an actual reality and not consigned to the goal setting rust heap like so many others.

A quick reminder. Classes start back Monday 9th of January at usual times. Beginner Kids 4.30pm, Yellow belt+ Kids 5.30pm, Adults 6.30pm

Wednesday classes have the same times but are now in the same location as Monday classes; Parklands community lounge. Kids 4.30pm, Families 5.30pm, Adults 6.30pm.

We are super excited to also start a Wednesday Adults class at 6.30pm. So if you or anyone you know wants to get fit and have some fun or you want some extra training this class is now available for you.

See you all in class next week, osu