Youth Martial Arts at Shizoku Martial Arts

Our goal is to provide our students with a solid foundation for adulthood by developing essential life skills and physical strength. They’ll discover amazing benefits that they can carry with them for years to come.

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Give your child the tools to become a successful adult

Let’s face it, the world is getting tougher each generation. There is more for our kids to absorb and worry about, plus more for you to worry about. Here at Shizoku martial arts, it is our goal to develop a learning environment where children of all ages can learn self-defence, discipline and confidence along with other essential Life Skills, without being ridiculed for their mistakes but encouraged to push forward. This will boost their confidence, resulting in self confidence and assertiveness when dealing with stressful situations they face daily.

Hey Sensei,
I wanted to thank you for the life skills you give the kids, especially Jacob in your karate classes...
Today Jacob encountered his first bullying experience at school. He had several kids (smaller than him) around him that were slapping, punching and pushing him around because he told them he was going to tell the teacher after witnessing his friend being kicked by them.
Jacob remained calm, told me he stood in an 'osu stance', and pushed them away just enough to get away to a teacher. He didn't want to hurt them as he easily could have but did enough to protect himself.
I'm pretty confident that without his karate training, he wouldn't have had that self defense reaction and could have possibly been hurt but he's come away from it with a great deal of pride in his actions... Skills of which he got from your class ☺️☺️

Hayley Sutherland Avatar
Hayley Sutherland

8 – 15 years are crucial in your child’s life. They now have a full sense of who they are, they know right from wrong and they are learning new things at an astonishing rate. They need a place to be come independent from their parents, while being challenged to be the best version of themselves they can. Karate classes enable them to get involved with the peers and share similar goals and standards. Expand their network with positive influences, increase their social skills and find their own path in life. All in a safe and encouraging environment.

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