Kumite thoughts and tips

I was sitting and thinking about tournaments and sparring recently and thought I would jot down some useful tips for you when it comes to your kumite and mindset you should apply. So here are a few musings for you.

  1. Fitness is key
    Fitness plays a big part in competition. Adrenalin will only get you so far. The fighter who can last the distance usually will win the fight.

  2. Sparring is a mental game, more so than physical
    Have a game plan on how you will fight. Begin your fight with a clear plan on how you will fight and then adapt during.

  3. Control the fight
    Pick a few techniques that you practice on a regular basis and initiate the attack to take control of the fight.

  4. It’s not over until it is over
    Dig deep and push yourself. While there is time on the clock there is a chance for you to win. Many fights that seemed to be won end up lost simply due to the share willpower and determination of the opponent.

  5. Back, forward side to side
    Don’t just go backwards, think about moving out of range but staying close enough to counter-attack.

  6. Your guard is key
    It is your shield, it offers you protection, so keep it up!!!

  7. Distance
    You have to be out of range but in range to counter, control your distance with your movement staying ready to explode at any moment.

  8. Close the gap
    Mask your movement by throwing techniques that simply enable you to close the gap to execute your intended actual technique.

  9. Secret squirrel
    Keep your opponent guessing. Do not telegraph and constantly repeat the same techniques, Keep moving and use your toolbox.

  10. Win or Lose there is more to learn
    Always seek to improve. Go through what happened during your last lot of sparring. How did you win, how did you lose, what did you get tagged with lots, what technique did you use that tagged your opponent. Learn and apply these lessons to your next fight.

  11. Counter attacking
    There are three main types of counter attacking you can apply.
    Crate a gap then lunge forward and attack
    Stand your ground and counter
    Initiate yoru attack before your opponent forcing them to be defensive.

  12. BE PROUD
    No matter the outcome it takes courage to enter and take part in any competition. Be proud of yourself. Win or lose you have improved yourself by simply entering and will come away with valuable lessons you can apply again. The best in the world always started somewhere and were not the best straight away. They worked hard, the won, they lost but most of all they learnt.

Hopefully some of these tips are useful for you to apply in your training or next kumite session. See you on the mat. Osu!