Karate for Kids

Kids karate classes teach valuable Life skills for theme to succeed.

  • Little Dragons Ages: 5 - 7 yrs
  • Warrior Wolves: Age 8 - 15yrs
  • Listen Better
  • Help grow self esteem in your child
  • Encourage a Positive Attitude
  • Self Defence
  • Develop Social & Self Confidence
  • Bullyproof your child
  • Develop valuable Life Skills


What we do our Kids Karate class:

What do you hope for?

Like most parents, you no doubt look at your child and wonder, what kind of person they will grow up to be, what will they do, what can I do to help them. However, you know you can’t always be there, so you need them to learn to be strong and independent young humans. It is up to you to make the right choices in your child’s development. As a parent, you want to give them the tools to one day grow up and create an amazing life for themselves and those around them, right?

Kids karate teach life skills

With most sports, the participant gains feedback on performance by either winning or losing against their competition. While competition brings out competitive spirit, it can hinder the development of self-confidence for those children who don’t win frequently. As karate is a non-competitive sport the only competitor is one’s self. Therefore, as a Karate for Kids student continues to improve each week, they only ever find themselves winning, which serves to bolster the child’s self-esteem. Come down get your FREE Karate for Kids class today.

Goals And Your Child

Karate for Kids offers a coloured belt system where all students start at White belt and work up through different colours. As each Karate kid develops and progresses in their journey they are encouraged to set goals for these belts, which teaches them life skills of setting a target and working towards achieving it. Our goal is to help your child grow into a respectable and confident young individual as well as teaching them self defense techniques that may help them outside the dojo. Reach your potential, come down and get your Karate for Kids FREE class today.

Will My Child Misuse Karate?

While the predominant focus of Karate for Kids is to develop character, students also learn basic self-defence skills. Should any child misuse their karate (either at home or at school), we ask the parents to notify us of this so together we can speak with the child about their behaviour.

Bullying And Karate

Karate for Kids helps a child who is bullied a number of ways. Most children who are bullied are shy and lack confidence. This makes them ‘easy targets’. As Kids Karate nurtures a child’s self-esteem and builds their confidence, the bullying often stops through this process alone. Instructors also train children how to deal with bullying and encourage them to speak about it to their schoolteachers and parents.Some children who have had a tendency to bully other children may develop an interest in karate. Parents of these children may fear that the skills they learn in karate will only make their bullying worse. Nothing could be further from the truth. To begin with, bullying and low self-esteem go hand-in-hand; so as karate builds the child’s confidence and self-esteem, their interest in bullying others generally ceases. Secondly, being regularly reminded that their karate is ONLY to be used for self-defence and is something that can never be misused without risk of being suspended from training provides extra motivation to behave.

Bullying is a serious issue with children as the affects can last for years after it stops, even throughout their adulthood. Karate has proven exceedingly beneficial to children who are recipients of bullying and to those children who are bullies.

Kids Karate the #1 Choice

During our Karate for kids classes your child will learn the value of paying attention, believing in themselves, and feeling good when they do their best. Nothing is just given away and is earned through hard work. Our kids karate classes will teach your child self-esteem to stand up for themselves when needed. We aim to teach your child the values of being goal-oriented, making good choices, never giving up, and to always do the right thing.

Fantastic Sensei! Teaches resilience, empowers children to reach life goals. Sensei Chris teaches so much more than just a martial art. Highly recommend.

Kendra Kundycki Avatar
Kendra Kundycki

Little Dragons (5 – 7 yrs)

Youth Karate Wolves (8 – 12 yrs)

Sensei Chris and Sensei Mike have created a great school of learning that has made learning martial arts accessable to everyone regardless of age and ability

They have developed their own unique style of teaching that is very effective , they listen to the students feedback and adapt accordingly - and are hugly patient for those that take a little longer to pick things up

reccommend SHIZOKU for anyone who wants to learn martial arts

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Clive Reed

Give your child the tools to succeed, come down get your FREE class today.

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