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I toke my son to the opening night because he wanted to try it out because some of his friends were doing karate. He loves it and after watching him and how the classes were structure I have now join up and after my first class we both can't wait to go back.

Jahmi Sheehan Avatar
Jahmi Sheehan

Chris and his team provides quality training to the candidates. It's definitely helping my wee one to focus more and to build up strong determination .Thanks Chris.

Kochurani Kurian Avatar
Kochurani Kurian

My son has been doing karate at SMA for a couple of months now and absolutely loves it! He had never shown much interest in sports previously. It's been the best thing we've done for him. In a short time we've already noticed an increase in his confidence and he has learned so much. Sensei Chris is fantastic with children and the classes are fun. They have excellent communication and resources on their website for training etc. Also love how they teach the children valuable life lessons and self defense. Highly recommend!

Summer McClure Avatar
Summer McClure

My son has been attending since March 2021 and I can honestly say it's been the best thing for him. He thoroughly enjoys every minute and can't wait for the next session. Sensei Chris and the team are wonderful teachers and I would recommend them to anyone thinking of joining.

Alfie Pat Avatar
Alfie Pat

As an adult it can be daunting to start a new activity, especially something physical. SMA pushes me, but in a positive way, and Sensei Chris is both extremely knowledgeable and approachable. My nephew was also part of the Youth programme for a while, and we saw some great changes in his confidence levels. I love that there is a Life Skills programme for the kids to learn valuable skills such as discipline and respect. Highly recommend for kids or adults!

Kate Nicholls Avatar
Kate Nicholls

School Self Defence On behalf of Chisnallwood Intermediate we would like to thank you for the work you have completed over the last two weeks. We have had over 300 girls through the course, and they have thoroughly enjoyed it, as well as learnt key skills. The girls were all engaged in their lessons, and came out of the hall beaming. The feedback I gathered from them was that the sessions were well organised, busy and fun.

Ben McNabb Avatar
Ben McNabb
Assistant Principal, Chisnallwood Intermediate

Real Estate Agent Defence I recently engaged Chris from Shizoku Martial Arts to assist with training the women in our company in self defense skills. The workshop was excellent and the feedback from my team has been extremely positive. Not only was it a great team building experience but each person who attended came away feeling more empowered and aware of how they can protect themselves should the need ever arise. A thoroughly worthwhile exercise as a company. Chris gave everyone a certificate at the end which was a great way to end the workshop. I highly recommend this workshop.

Rachael Avatar
Owner, Total Realty

Very patient and understanding, tough but fair . My daughter has learnt a lot and her confidence has grown. Highly recommended.

Terrianne Koia Avatar
Terrianne Koia

Excellent Martial Arts Club. Great Tutor/Mentoring and professionally run. Would definitely recommend to Children/Parents and Residents in the Eastern Suburbs area.

Barry Jaundrell Avatar
Barry Jaundrell

We have been thoroughly been thrilled with Shizoku and Sensei Chris. The focus on discipline, self-defence and most importantly fun has positively impacted our son's behaviour at home, as well as at school. Sensei Chris is amazing and makes the class really fun. Highly recommended!

Roderick Petre Avatar
Roderick Petre

This is more than just turning up to a Karate class and leaving. The kids and parents know there is an endless amount of support with the on-line tutorials, the excellent Goals programme and the encouraging rewards system whereby they can earn badges for going the extra mile. Their Motto says it all. You can see the children respect Sensei and Sensei respects them. We LOVE it!

roydon turner Avatar
roydon turner

So much more than just another martial arts club. Life skills, personal accountability and community spirit run through the core of this program.Chris is a great leader doing great things.

Matt James Avatar
Matt James

Chris who runs the club is an amazing guy, he really cares about the children, kids and adults and really looks out for their welfare. Real sense of community friendly club in one of a kind totally unique.


What a great place to learn Shizoku. Sensei Chris has a wealth of knowledge and experience. His passion to share these shines through in his teaching. Fully recommend to any children or adults who want to learn some great techniques and to have fun doing it while building self confidence and belief.

Richard Anthony Cameron Avatar
Richard Anthony Cameron

I haven't done it but having trained under Chris in another style I know it will be great.

Doug Day Avatar
Doug Day

Self Defence Workshop Really enjoyed it. Was a great and enjoyable experience with my work colleagues. Would definitely like to do again over time as refreshers. So glad I attended. Thank you.

Anonymous Avatar

A fantastic family friendly club! Sensei Chris not only teaches my son karate in a fun & exciting way but helps to instil positive life values he can use everyday at school & at home.My son was having so much fun going that I decided to join the adults classes too & I love it! It not only helps to keep me fit but teaches me great self defence techniques & helps me to feel strong & confident. The camaraderie with other students is awesome too!

Lisa Thompson Avatar
Lisa Thompson

This is an awesome family club that focuses on achieving Goals and respecting each other through Martial Arts. I recommend this club to anyone looking for a friendly club for either children, adults or both 😊

Simone Templeton Avatar
Simone Templeton

Absolutley amazing karate class, Chris is a great teacher, thank you !

Nicola Glassey Avatar
Nicola Glassey

Lovei t! Our 5 year old absolutely loves coming along here... it has helped his confidence with meeting new friends... and of course his goal to become a ninja when he grows up! 🥷
We have been very impressed with Chris and how he runs the classes... definitely would recommend.

Kelly Watson Avatar
Kelly Watson

Great club, very professional website with videos to assist practicing & strong focus on self defense & self discipline.

Demelza Pearey Avatar
Demelza Pearey

Awesome place to train, definitely recommended for easy to learn and seriously effective martial art skills!

Jake Askew Avatar
Jake Askew

Well done sensei Chris looks like things are looking and going well for u and your class.

Grant Kennewell Avatar
Grant Kennewell

Found this was a family friendly place to take your children to learn knew skills, build confidence, and get fit, make friends,and learning ways to defend themselves, The Teacher is understanding of all the children and there needs and still pushes them to be there best. I'm so happy we joined our son, he was so shy couldn't talk to anyone but in a short time he talks to all the children and can't wait for Wednesday to learn you skills and enjoy being push to his limits he walks out of every class excited for next class. I highly recommend anyone to join all ages.

Teresa Wootton Avatar
Teresa Wootton

Going to karate has had a massively positive impact on my 8 year old daughter and my 6 year old son. Sensei Chris focuses on key skills, like respect, that give the students self confidence and belief. My daughter has stood up to bullies based on the confidence that karate has given her.

Bex Roberts Avatar
Bex Roberts

positive review So glad we were recommended Shizoku Martial Arts for our daughter! Constantly impressed by your positivity, encouragement, and warmth with our children. Your no nonsense yet fun approach is the perfect balance. I love the family, community feel at SMA. Thank you for sharing your passion!

Belinda Clark Avatar
Belinda Clark

Sensei Chris and Sensei Mike have created a great school of learning that has made learning martial arts accessable to everyone regardless of age and ability

They have developed their own unique style of teaching that is very effective , they listen to the students feedback and adapt accordingly - and are hugly patient for those that take a little longer to pick things up

reccommend SHIZOKU for anyone who wants to learn martial arts

Clive Reed Avatar
Clive Reed

A fantastic club with a focus on developing correct techniques traditional values and life skills. Chris is a very experienced and knowledgeable instructor who is great with the kids. I would highly recommend!

Hannah Jones Avatar
Hannah Jones

My daughter and I both go, and have done for several years. The staff are fantastic with kids and adults alike. It feels like a big family.

Mark Thompson Avatar
Mark Thompson

positive review This is a fantastic club! I love the values it teaches my boys and the confidence it give them too

Priscilla Freeman-Beaton Avatar
Priscilla Freeman-Beaton

Fantastic Women's self defence class. Recommend them to anyone wanting to learn some techniques to save themselves.

Tina Ledington Avatar
Tina Ledington

Fantastic Sensei! Teaches resilience, empowers children to reach life goals. Sensei Chris teaches so much more than just a martial art. Highly recommend.

Kendra Kundycki Avatar
Kendra Kundycki

This has been the most incredible experience my youngest son. Sensei Chris is extremely encouraging and determined to get the best out of the children that attend. It’s fun, disciplined and encouraging all at the same time. Will has thrived this past month. Thank you and your team.

Jodi Leigh Swart Avatar
Jodi Leigh Swart

Hey Sensei,
I wanted to thank you for the life skills you give the kids, especially Jacob in your karate classes...
Today Jacob encountered his first bullying experience at school. He had several kids (smaller than him) around him that were slapping, punching and pushing him around because he told them he was going to tell the teacher after witnessing his friend being kicked by them.
Jacob remained calm, told me he stood in an 'osu stance', and pushed them away just enough to get away to a teacher. He didn't want to hurt them as he easily could have but did enough to protect himself.
I'm pretty confident that without his karate training, he wouldn't have had that self defense reaction and could have possibly been hurt but he's come away from it with a great deal of pride in his actions... Skills of which he got from your class ☺️☺️

Hayley Sutherland Avatar
Hayley Sutherland

Love love love this dojo! Could not have picked a better dojo to join ?? Sensei is awesome, down to earth and loves what he does. Very attentive and helpful to all students. Thanks for letting this crazy in your gym ? OSU!

Annie Faith Mahe Avatar
Annie Faith Mahe

Excellent Teacher! Well organized, knowledgeable and kind! Very reasonabke rates. Highly recommend.

Leah Paterson Avatar
Leah Paterson

Thank you sensei Chris and his team for these amazing classes! Not only they teach self defence, but also good communication, kindness, good manners and important life values. My son absolutely loves his classes and I can't speak highly enough of them. Thank you.

Petra Najman Skodova Avatar
Petra Najman Skodova

Such a wonderful place/experience for the kids to learn. Sense Chris exuding the patience and focus that he instills int he pupils. Love it

Alisdair Webb Avatar
Alisdair Webb

Whether you’re looking for fun while working out, burn energy and receive proper training for yourself and for your children… then this place is for you. Your kids aim for the best, receive rewards for behaviour in and out of class, work hard for your next colour belt as a goal. For adults, you learn what the kids learn but a bit more intense than they would receive it. You get the Jack of all trades in these classes. There’s more than you bargain for and for a reasonable and affordable price. Not a single regret joining this club. Come and join or try the free trial class first and see how you go.

annie mahe Avatar
annie mahe

My children have been attending SMA Karate for the past 2 years. We have been so impressed with how things are run, and the confidence, focus, discipline and skills that my children have developed since being there. Sensei Chris is a fantastic role model for the children and I love that he instills confidence and life skills as part of their karate journey. I highly recommend SMA karate for anyone looking to get their kids into martial arts.

Julia Liebenberger Avatar
Julia Liebenberger

Awesome atmosphere. Sensei Chris sets the kids up to be challenged and have fun. They love going to karate and learn excellent self defense and life skills along the way. Highly recommend.

Bex Roberts Avatar
Bex Roberts

Amazing karate school, very professional with great online support also, great classes that keep the little one focus all the time , we are very happy we chose this school for our son and amaze by his progress.

Viviane Ferrari Avatar
Viviane Ferrari

positive review Sensei Chris and Paula have created an amazing club where kids not only learn great skills in self defence, they are encouraged to develop life skills in respect, leadership, commitment, hard work and have a greater self worth. I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen in my son who is a more confident, determined and respectful young man which has been further developed through the Leadership program he’s now in. The vibe of the club is welcoming, encouraging and run professionally, which shows by the number of new kids we see joining all the time. Thank you!!!

Glen Counsell Avatar
Glen Counsell

Great place to train!

Jake Askew Avatar
Jake Askew

Karate has been amazing for my daughter and Sensei Chris has such an amazing way with dealing with all of the children. My daughter loves coming twice a week

Chantelle Carpenter Avatar
Chantelle Carpenter

Great martial arts school! Chris works well with all ages and has a vast knowledge of the martial arts industry. I would highly recommend his school.

Helen Oakes Avatar
Helen Oakes

SMA Karate provides an outstanding service to our community. Sensei Chris and his instructors create a positive learning environment. It allows the individual to develop holistically (physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual). Students of all ages are challenged in a safe way that brings out the best in them. I highly recommend SMA Karate.

Paul Peawini Avatar
Paul Peawini

Great school - the kids love training here.

Danny Beckett Avatar
Danny Beckett

Highly recommend the Shizoku Martial Arts club.Sensei Chris has a great way with kids and my son has found something he loves doing. He has thrived since starting karate. They offer a free trial class which is great for kids that are unsure on taking that first step. We love the life skills goals which kids can apply to all aspects of their life even outside of karate.

Janey Avatar

Absolutely fantastic! Sensei Chris is amazing with my son, very supportive and welcoming; This guy is an awesome role model! I want to acknowledge his 2 assistants Ethan & Amelia who are also wonderful welcoming and supportive to all of the children in the class. The best part of learning Karate through Shizoku Martial Arts is he is also teaching the kids self defense and how to deal with Bullying situations - Life lessons!It is wonderful to sit and watch your child thrive and love the experience, to be part of a special group who are becoming so confident with themselves. Amazing website with online tutorials available 24/7 for some extra training at home. The best Martial Arts club in Christchurch.

Sarah R Avatar
Sarah R

Have been impressed by the welcome and kindness as a very new participant. Wonderful community is fostered as well as dedication and support from everyone.

Marcus Ingrid Daff Avatar
Marcus Ingrid Daff

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Parents of students who are training are welcome to train with their child in their childs class. But note that the training provided will be at the childs level.

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