School Martial Arts & Life Skill development programme

Our School Martial Arts  programme uses a combination of dynamic age appropriate fun drills and exercises essential to the physical and social development of your child. Our unique sessions have been designed specifically to provide our youth with self defence and life skill development training within a martial arts structure.

Introduce your child to Martial Arts, Self Defence and start the process of embedding the life skills of discipline, self confidence, respect while allowing them to enjoy the world of Martial Arts

  • $14.99 per session
    6 class left Term 1
  • Rawhiti School term classes (6 weeks)
  • Billed by Term $89.94
  • Access to our exclusive Life Skills education to grow FOCUS, CONFIDENCE and other essential skills
  • Exclusive SMA t-shirt when joining.
  • Step by Step success

    Patterns of Success

    From their first day they will begin to have “little wins”. These patterns of success enable them to learn that with positive action they can succeed in and out of the school. Success isn’t one large action done once but established as a pattern for their whole life of steady steps towards their goals.

  • Social & Emotional Development

    Building confidence is an essential block of emotional development. Learning to have healthy relationships with their peers and how to avoid unhealthy negative influences sets them up for life.

  • Youth Safety

    Important skills such as environmental awareness, stop commands and communication with bullies and possible threats. Developing good communication skills and learning to ask for help.

  • Physical Development

    Developing the connection between body and mind is important. We teach all the basics and important skills like jumping with two feet, safe rolling & falling, balance, stopping and many more ensuring your child is not left behind physically.


#1 Active Activities for Kids in Christchurch for 2019, 2020, 2021, the Prestige Awards 2021 Martial Arts school of the year in NZ and Westpac Business Awards Finalist for Customer Service in Christchurch 2021

The fun is not just for the kids but the whole family. We encourage mums and dads to join in and build lifelong quality bonds with their kids while helping them feel confident and secure as they develop their independence. Fun filled sessions where cheering and clapping from the side lines is encouraged.