S.T.O.R.M crew application

Congratulations you have been nominated to be invited to apply to join S.T.O.R.M (Strong Team of Role Models) crew programme. We encourage you to apply and extend your skills by helping your fellow karate-ka to be their best as you have begun to exemplify the qualities of a black belt. 

Our Purpose 

We are dedicated to delivering and affecting positive change in people’s lives and our community through the lessons of martial arts. Do you want to join us?

  • You must possess a genuine passion and a positive attitude towards helping others
  • You love to constantly learn, grow and improve yourself
  • You are reliable, dependable and trustworthy in your attitude and manner
  • You are willing to volunteer to assist in 1 class a week (more if you request it) based upon your availability and our scheduling needs. 
  • You retain permission (as needed) to participate from your parents. 
  • You are willing to check your emails and reply consistently.

The process for joining the STORM crew programme is as follows:  

1) You must be selected/nominated by an instructor. 

2) After you decide that you’d like to try out, you must set an appointment to test with an instructor or instructor team and complete the online course.

3) You must pass a performance examination of your martial arts skills & knowledge. You will be assisting other students so your own grasp of the basics must be strong. 

You will be assessed on the following which must be passed at a high level:

  • Display knowledge of the following techniques at a high level:
    • Basic High Percentage strikes & blocks
    • Stances
    • Kicks on both legs Front & Back (front, roundhouse, knee)
    • Ground Jiu-Jitsu (Mount bump, Guard push, Seated Side headlock Sit up, Defensive Stand up)
  • Complete the online Induction course
  • Provide correction on a Youth level 1 technique
  • Be able to recite the Student motto from memory
  • Be able to tie someone else’s belt under 10 seconds

In addition to being on an elite team of leaders, the instructor’s go-to people, STORM crew members make the following commitments: 

  1. Attend STORM Leadership classes consistently.  We cover a great many issues that will help you become a leader at school and in class.  
  2. Attend at least 1 scheduled class per week.  This is where we put the information and skills we learn in STORM into action.  We will work with you and/or your parents to schedule you to come and assist with classes.
  3. Attend Shizoku Martial Arts special events and testings.  You must attend as many events as you can, especially grading and promotion celebrations, even if you don’t grade. 
  4. Be Friendly.  A positive attitude and warm personality will go a long way to making you successful as a martial artist and in your everyday life.  We want people who can be upbeat and put all the lessons we teach into good practice.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no obligation to join, it is not for everybody. Some simply do not have time now.