Choki Motobu 12x two person drills

“The blocking hand must be able to become the attacking hand in an instant. Blocking with one hand and then countering with the other is not true bujutsu. Real bujutsu presses forward and blocks and counters in the same motion.”

  1. Attacker: LL forward, LH jab
    Defender: Defensive posture, step in RL and RH outward parry as you explode forward. LH jams attackers LH, Shuffle RL forward behind their leg and RH elbow into rib cage.
  2. Attacker: LL forward, RH hook followed by LH hook
    Defender: LL step forward, LH outward parry hooking into elbow joint and pull down disrupting their posture as you RH angle block hop in LL knee to groin
  3. Attacker: RL step in and RH punch to head, LH hook after groin strike
    Defender: RL step in and LH angle block as RH wrist strike to groin, RH outward parry, RH elbow to rib cage as you drop in.
  4. Attacker: RL forward, Forearms touching, as backfist comes in or push forward on arm you should push back
    Defender: RH extend backfist/push forward to head, RH grab elbow and pull across to right and down as you LH punch to ribs
  5. Attacker: LL forward, LH jab to head, RH punch to body
    Defender: RL forward, RH angle block, RH down to belt block scooping out to right side, LH punch to head over top of block
  6. Attacker: LL forward and RH hook to head, LH punch to head, as backfist comes in then inside parry with LH
    Defender: LL forward, LH angle block, LH hook to head, LH inwards block, LH vertical backfist to face, Step off to right with right leg and inwards parry up by the shoulder with RH, LH punch to body
  7. Attacker: Step in RL and RH punch to head, LH hook to body
    Defender: Step in RL and RH inwards striking block to inside of arm, RH chop to neck as LH inside and clears the arm pulling it down and grabs wrist as RH broken wing block out to right side, RH hook to body
  8. Attacker: LL forward, LH jab to head
    Defender: LL forward LH upward block, RH reverse C grip (thumb towards attacker) under the elbow as LH grabs wrist, RL side kick to top of knee. Do this slowly and hyperextend the knee.
  9. Attacker: LL forward, RH punch to head, LH hook to head
    Defender:  LL forward, LH outward parry into c grip, RH outside parry, grabbing with C grip as you pull their RH down with your LH, RL knee to body and straight into RL front kick on top of knee hyperextending the leg.
  10. Attacker: LL forward, LH jab to head, RH hook to head after your hand gets pulled down
    Defender: Shudder step in Ll forward and RH inside parry as you move to the outside of the arm and LH knuckle hammer strike to inside of attackers arm, RH pull arm down, LH up in guard. LH angle block the incoming hook, LH hammer to face forcing them to evade by shifting head back and exposing ribcage, Stomp in LL and RH downward angle elbow into exposed rib cage
  11. Attacker: RL forward, RH punch to head
    Defender: RH outward block, LH punch to ribs
  12. Attacker: Bear hug from behind
    Defender: RH up grab the LH wrist as you step you RL out into a WHS and LH flat of hand palm strike to groin

LH – Left hand

RH – Right hand

LL – Left leg

RL – Right leg