This demonstrates the entry into the guard of an attacker to enable striking and takedowns. Outside means both arms outside, Split is one arm in and one out and inside both arms inside.

  1. Outside Entry
    Attacker: LL forward, LH jab
    Defender: LL forward, RH inside parry, LH outside clear high by elbow

  2. Front Split Entry
    Attacker:  LL forward, LH Jab
    Defender:  LL forward, RH inside parry, LH punching to face on inside of attackers arm

  3. Inside Entry
    Attacker:  LL forward, LH jab
    Defender:  LL forward, LH inside parry as you lean left off centerline, RH extend through and jam the attackers RH

  4. Rear Split Entry
    Attacker,  LL forward, RH punch
    Defender:  LL forward, RH outside parry, LH shoot through under the attacker’s arm with punch

  5. Front Reverse Split
    Attacker:  LL forward, LH jab
    Defender:  LL forward, LH outside parry, RH punch through under attackers arm
  6. Spin the axis
    Attacker: LL forward , RH Hook
    Defender: LH outside parry, RH turn their head away from you and then scoop your LH down and across to your right side spinning their axis
Short codeMeaning
LHLeft Hand
RHRight Hand
LLLeft Leg
RLRight Leg