Terms & Conditions

In consideration for your attendance and participation in the martial arts training offered by Shizoku Martial Arts Limited, you, the student/parent acknowledge the existence of certain inherent risks in this type of training and hereby agree to assume all risks. You further relieve the school, its management, assigned staff and fellow students from any liability resulting from loss, whether personal belongings or bodily injury.

You also hereby state that yourself or your child is physically fit and that you, or your child, have/has no medical conditions or injuries that would preclude you/them from taking up the prescribed course of instruction and you are doing so of your own free will in exchange for an agreed upon fee.

I also wish to be bound by the terms and conditions of membership should I join Shizoku Martial Arts Limited. I understand that there is a no refund policy on any monies I will pay Shizoku Martial Arts Limited.


  • Fees are due on the 1st of each month and cover training from the 1st through to the end of that month.
  • If you join part way through a month you will be charged a part month rate based upon the remaining classes available in the month.
  • Fees paid after the 10th of the month may incur a $25 late payment charge.
  • We are closed on public holidays and a couple of weeks over Christmas/New Year. Our fees are averaged to account for this.
  • Fees are non-refundable or transferable.
  • All membership and outstanding training fees must be paid in full before any grading. All grading fees must be paid on the day or before the day of grading or the student will be unable to grade.
  • Guests are entitled to one free class to start.


  • First family member pays full price
  • Family deals are based upon the dearest training plan at full price and additional family members at a discounted rate
  • Family deals are limited to immediate family members only. ie. families living in the same household.

From time to time we take photo’s/video’s of classes for promotional and training purposes. You agree to allow us to use your/or your child’s image to promote the club.

We aim to offer flexible payment and cancellation terms of your regular membership. All cancellations are subject to a one month notice period.